We are an investment
management and
holding company.

We provide capital, strategic partnership, and operational support
to consumer brands, media and technology companies.


“An entrepreneur's vision is one of the purest and most valuable components of a business. It’s a coalescence of insight, instinct, and sheer force of will. It’s a clear north star, a purpose, the first step of real leadership. The vision should be preserved and fostered 24/7.

- Jason Stein



Through our team’s experience scaling, operating, advising,
and selling companies, we've learned a lot about building businesses. 

Whether it is operations and finance, culture and HR, tech development, manufacturing and distribution, branding and ads, retail and e-commerce — or the dozens of other things entrepreneurs are thinking about — we aim to be a shortcut for the teams we work with.

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A little about us


General Partner

Jason is an entrepreneur and business leader. He was the founder & CEO of two companies that were acquired by Wasserman Media Group: Laundry Service, a social media agency and 3x Ad Age A-List honoree; and Cycle, a media company that creates high quality entertainment for young audiences. He is also a general partner in Windforce Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on early stage technology companies. Jason serves on the board of directors of Transmit.live, a live streaming video platform; Ovadia & Sons, a contemporary designer menswear brand, and Front Office Sports, a sports business publication. Jason also serves as an advisor to Nextdoor, a social network for local communities; and MarsReel, a digital community for high school sports. You can find Jason on Twitter and Instagram at @jasonwstein.


General Partner

Mario joined Renaissance Technologies as a partner in 1999 to help the firm explore and implement derivatives strategies. Subsequently, he was a member of the trading team and worked with researchers on a variety of products and strategies that involved futures and options trading. He also helped develop a merger arbitrage strategy that was added to the fund. In addition, he worked with senior managers on exposure management and risk reduction techniques for the Medallion fund.

Post Renaissance, Mario wrote investment articles and eventually started a venture capital fund in partnership with Jason Stein. The two year old fund, Windforce Ventures, has already had two of its portfolio companies acquired. Mario currently runs his own money through Windforce Capital, a private quantitative hedge fund.


General Partner

Alyson was formerly Chief Creative Officer of Cycle Media and its two core brands, Laundry Service and Cycle. She was the architect of the agency’s style that has helped position global brands like Nike and Amazon as leaders in digital marketing. Alyson has proven to be a gifted leader, administrator, and mentor, building a department of 80+ across the country and maintaining the highest creative standards throughout the company’s many years of explosive growth. In 2016, she was honored as Business Insider’s 30 Most Creative People In Advertising, and awarded Content Marketer of the Year by Digiday. In 2018, she was named to Adweek’s annual “Creative 100” list.


General Partner

Billy has spent twelve years in the financial services industry originating, structuring, and placing public and private financings for major corporations and financial institutions for a total of over $10 billion.

Billy has a depth of experience in negotiating complex transactions and managing the corresponding legal, accounting, operations, compliance and risk functions. Throughout his career, Billy has been instrumental in helping provide the resources to allow businesses to grow as well as offering leadership and mentorship along the way.





Steins is named after Stein’s America’s Greatest Clothiers, which was founded by Jason’s great-grandfather, Joseph, after immigrating to the U.S. to escape the post World War One pogroms in Eastern Europe. Stein’s became one of the largest menswear retailers in America, with 91 stores, before being acquired by Richman Brothers in 1959.