An entrepreneur’s vision is one of the purest and most valuable components of a business. It’s not something that you calculate in a spreadsheet or crowdsource from others. It’s a coalescence of insight, instinct, and sheer force of will. It’s a clear north star, a purpose, the first step of real leadership. The vision should be reinforced and fostered 24/7.
— Jason Stein

Our Approach

Stein's is an investment management and holding company. We provide capital and active strategic partnership to consumer brands, media and technology companies.

In our collective experience investing in, scaling, operating, advising, and selling companies, we've learned a lot about building businesses.

Whether it is operations and finance, culture and HR, retail and DTC, tech development, manufacturing and distribution, branding and ads, or the dozens of other things entrepreneurs are thinking about, we aim to be a shortcut for the teams we work with.